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SSD Management Made Easy

We are striving to make “SSD Management Made Easy” more than just a catch phrase. It is driving our efforts to bring the very latest and best technology to market, along with the features and tools...

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Transforming the Ultrathin Experience, Part 1

In today’s era of portability, the days of lugging an 8 or 10lb laptop through the airport are over. SSDs come in slim, caseless, and lightweight form factors that take up less space, enabling even...

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A Faster RealSSD™ C400

Like any innovative tech company, we're always searching for ways to make our products better. We've engineered some big read performance gains that will make a noticeable difference for our C400...

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C400 SSD Benchmark Results—Yeah, It’s Fast

Several of you have been asking to see additional benchmark results from the C400. Micron’s product engineering teams tailor their performance testing suites to OEM requirements, which focus on...

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