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The Top Myths of Server SANs Debunked

The Top Myths of Server SANs Debunked

We continue to see more and more companies moving away from traditional SANs to more scalable storage architectures that help them drive down costs. As a result of this transition, NVMe SSD adoption is growing faster than any other storage technology due to the high performance and capacity available even in a single SSD (learn more about the business case for NVMe SSDs here). Additionally, the term “Server SAN” is coming to describe the combination of software defined storage (SDS) and NVMe (server local or NVMe over Fabric deployments). 

We’re getting together with ESG, Mellanox, and Excelero for a webcast to delve into Server SANs, and address some of the questions or misconceptions around this new technology, such as: 

  • Server SAN is hype that will never meet enterprise SAN requirements
  • NVMe-oF cannot be used for Server SAN as it does not allow users to share data
  • The cost of NVMe SSDs can only be justified for very high-performance workloads

Join us on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 10 a.m. PT.

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I hope to see you on the webcast!

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