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Microchip background

Come see Micron at The Linley Group Processor Conference
Oct. 4-5

Come see Micron at The Linley Group Processor Conference

Linley Processor ConferenceJoin us to discover the latest update regarding high performance memory products!

Graphics memory presents the most compelling cost-to-performance memory solution to address the aggressive bandwidth requirements of high-end networking applications. The upcoming release of the JEDEC GDDR6 memory standard builds on the proven success of prior generations, providing a path toward a remarkable 1 terabyte of system memory bandwidth.

In this talk, the Micron team will discuss real-world networking applications leveraging the system-level benefits of GDDR, and how this latest high-performance graphics memory standard sets a clear course for system designers to significantly increase bandwidth to address the increasing demands of next-generation platforms. 

Explore Micron's networking innovations.

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