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Micron Publishes 2017 Sustainability Report

Micron Publishes 2017 Sustainability Report

Micron produced our first Sustainability report in November 2016 and this week released our follow-up 2017 report, putting us on a cycle of annually produced, spring sustainability reporting. 

It’s hard to believe that only about a decade ago sustainability reporting was limited to those unusually “green” companies or those pressured by the activist groups protesting at their corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities or retail outlets.  Today publishing sustainability reports is considered a corporate best practice as companies seek new ways to gain stakeholder trust, protect their reputation, increase efficiency and waste reduction, and improve access to capital.  

Micron is proud to be among the companies who report on the economic, environmental and social impacts caused by everyday activities.  And while we still have much work to do, we are also proud of the progress we have made, including:

  • Strong systems and industry-wide partnerships that ensure ethical business practices across our supply chain
  • More than 100 active projects aimed at reducing energy consumption, conserving water, and reducing chemical consumption
  • Policies and programs designed to support, engage, and retain a talented, diverse workforce
  • Millions of dollars and thousands of hours of volunteer time dedicated to promoting STEM-based programs and enriching local communities.

We invite you to download our 2017 Sustainability Report and watch this space for more information on Micron’s ongoing sustainability practices.

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