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Micron Recognized as Supply Chain Resiliency Industry Leader of the Year

Micron Recognized as Supply Chain Resiliency Industry Leader of the Year

2017 Resilient Supply Chain Industry Leader of the Year - SemiconductorThis week I had the opportunity to attend Resiliency 2017, which is a conference and awards gala hosted by the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council and Resilinc. I was asked to speak about my experience using operational risk scores and information to scorecard suppliers and build a robust supply chain risk program like we are maturing at Micron.

At the awards gala, Micron was recognized as a 2016 Top 25 R Score Company in the high-tech industry, chosen from over 3,000 companies. Resilinc’s R score evaluates and ranks companies’ supply chain resiliency based on metrics like transparency, network resiliency, continuity robustness, performance and supply chain risk program maturity. Micron was also recognized with the Industry Leader of the Year – Semiconductors award.

John Waite receives the 2016 Resilient Award 

Because Micron operations require raw materials, equipment, supplies and services that meet exacting standards, often only a limited number of suppliers are sufficient. When those supply chains are disrupted by natural disasters or other unexpected events, it can put Micron operations, as well our customer commitments, at risk. That’s why it’s so important that Micron’s sourcing and supply chain risks are hedged with intelligence, resiliency and responsiveness.

“Building the most resilient supply chain possible, and ensuring we provide industry-leading social responsibility is of the utmost importance,” said John Waite, Micron’s VP of Global Supply Chain. “This award recognizes the company-wide efforts of Operations, Global Supply Chain, Engineering, Business Units and many more dedicated Micron team members.”

Being a part of this global effort to put a supply chain risk management process into place at Micron has been very rewarding — and we are seeing the benefits daily. Risk monitoring at Micron is a continuous, proactive approach that allows us to identify and address problems sooner before they magnify into bigger issues. It makes Micron’s business more resilient so that we can in turn be a more resilient supplier to our customers.

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