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Microchip background

Committed to a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Committed to a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

At Micron, we depend on a diverse and talented set of team members in 18 countries to develop and deliver our innovative memory solutions. We’re committed to creating an environment where everyone feels respected, valued and empowered to do their best work.

“Micron is built on the strengths of the different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of our global team,” said Micron HR Vice President April Arnzen. “Our innovation is fueled by the excellence of our team members, and we are passionate about continuing to build a globally diverse and inclusive workforce together — one which fully represents the communities and customers we serve.”

Watch Micron team members talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion at all levels in our global company.

Diversity of All Types

Our focus on diversity encompasses the many ways that our team members, contractors, suppliers and customers are different. From nationality, ethnicity, gender and cultural differences to varying generations, skills, competencies and experiences — everyone should feel welcome and empowered to bring their best self to Micron every day.

When we recognize and embrace people with all types of backgrounds and perspectives, it produces better opportunities and results for Micron:

  • Improved team member engagement
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Broader set of strengths and problem-solving skills to leverage
  • Better understanding of our diverse customer and supplier base
  • More effective business interactions around the world
  • Fosters creativity

Diversity is a key driver of innovation and is a critical component of being successful on a global scale.

Diversity and Inclusion in Action at Micron

These groups and resources are contributing to more diverse and inclusive communities both in and around Micron.

Micron Foundation

Did you know that only 12 percent of engineers worldwide are women? And that the percentages for some ethnicities are lower? The Micron Foundation aims to improve these numbers by making science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education available and exciting for all types of students in the communities around Micron.

“At the Micron Foundation, we feel STEM education is universal,” said Foundation Director Dee Mooney. “It is for any gender, any country and any ethnicity. We want today’s students to be the innovators of tomorrow, and they learn these skills by experimenting and gaining knowledge from the dissimilar world around them.”

The Foundation supports programs geared toward inspiring the next generation of innovators, like Chip Camp, the STEM Bus, K-12 lessons and family STEM nights. Their Women in STEM programs offer young women opportunities to learn from real women in high-tech careers. The Foundation also reaches out to underserved populations and offers some of its lesson materials in Spanish to ensure access to these valuable resources for all children.

“We feel that by encouraging all students to reach their potential, our communities will benefit, Mooney said. “And by exploring career options and showing students what a technical career could look like, we hope that we can increase the engineering pipeline for our industry.”

Micron Women’s Leadership Network

The mission of the Micron Women’s Leadership Network (MWLN) is “to empower Micron’s diverse workforce by enabling team members to achieve their full potential in their careers, in technology and as leaders.” While their focus is to advance the careers of Micron women, MWLN is an inclusive group that encourages all team members to take advantage of its professional development opportunities, such as discussion forums, training sessions, book clubs, mentoring activities and networking events.

Cultural Awareness Tools

Our collection of cultural awareness tools at Micron helps team members take full advantage of Micron’s diverse workforce by helping them identify their own cultural preferences — along with those of people they work with. This awareness helps us build teams that are more inclusive and welcoming to team members from all countries and cultures. It’s making cross-cultural communication and collaboration more effective at Micron.

Inclusion Means Everyone Is Valued

Micron is working actively to create an environment where workers, customers and suppliers feel welcome and empowered to use their skills and competencies to the fullest, and where everyone feels like their opinions and ideas matter. Our focus is to make sure that we continue to build and maintain a demographically diverse environment, celebrate our differences, and value a diversity of ideas and contributions. Discover more about why we’re passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive environment at Micron.

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