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Webinar: Learn how to Unleash the Power of NVMe

Webinar: Learn how to Unleash the Power of NVMe

NVMe was only the first step. It married the huge bandwidth and low latency of PCIe with a custom protocol tailored for the massive parallelism solid state storage can provide. But SSDs have been tethered by the constraints of interfaces that were designed for spinning disks. By removing these tethers, the new Micron portfolio of PCIe NVMe SSDs has taken the power and potential of NVMe to the next level. We invite you to learn more about NVMe and what it can do for your enterprise workloads. 

Join us for a FREE webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 10 a.m. PDT.

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PCIe Webinar

During this webinar we will:

  • Examine the reasons behind the rapid transition to PCIe NVMe - we’ll dive into ease of implementation, performance, cost advantages, and more.
  • Help you choose the right SSD by understanding your workload. We’ll cover what to look for when measuring SSD performance - both in a synthetic and in a real world OLTP workload environment.
  • Hear from Trevor Pott, system admin, writer, and consultant as he discusses that beyond performance, choosing the right SSD provider is just as important.

Attend our webinar and discover for yourself why Tom’s Hardware called the Micron PCIe NVMe 9100 SSD the ‘new king of the hill.”


  • tech_geek on October 24, 2016

    Have the 9100 series of cards been submitted for VMWare VSAN hardware compatibility list compliance? We can't use them until they are on the HCL. I'm referring to this tool: http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=vsan

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