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Microchip background

Thinking about a better Cassandra? Think Micron and NVMe.

Thinking about a better Cassandra? Think Micron and NVMe.

Users and Systems Demand More from Cassandra. IT Teams Need a Simpler Platform.

You are in the IT design team, planning a new Cassandra cluster deployment.  From your users, you probably hear “…design for performance, defy convention…” but the realities of your planned staffing growth are saying “…build it simple, make growth easier…”

You can give Cassandra an energy drink with the Micron 9100 MAX NVMe SSD and make the design (and support) so much simpler.

Rethink convention

The Micron 9100 MAX SSD enables Cassandra platform designers to better manage both the demands of users and the reality of planning and growth. Basing your Cassandra node design on the 9100 MAX can offer:

  • Improved cluster performance
  • Smaller, simpler clusters with fewer nodes
  • Less rack space
  • More power-efficient clusters

NVMe-based SSDs like the Micron 9100 MAX are helping enable migration to better Cassandra platforms, bringing data closer to the CPUs for faster processing, lower latency and better performance.

How do we know?  Enter YCSB

We used YCSB to see how well the Micron 9100 MAX did.  We looked at Cassandra database performance (in operations per second) and responsiveness (average latency in milliseconds).  We used a small cluster (just two-nodes, a test cluster) with a Micron 9100 MAX (1.2TB) in each node.  We looked at 5 common YCSB workload profiles and within each we tested a broad range of thread counts. You can see the detailed workload testing here.

Results, results, results!

Keeping in mind that the results measure 35 different scenarios (7 different user counts across 5 workload), showing the results in this blog post would be tough.  Suffice it to say – fast and responsive, simple design.  Want to see the results in detail?  Take a look at the Technical Marketing Brief or if you have questions about the testing we ran, tweet me @GreyHairStorage. We want to hear from you. Leave a comment below and connect with Micron on Twitter @MicronStorage and LinkedIn.


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Doug Rollins Doug is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on enterprise solid state drives.
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