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The Storage Foundation is Moving (for the First Time in Decades)

The Storage Foundation is Moving (for the First Time in Decades)

I am lucky enough to have spent over 20 years in the storage industry, and during that time the technology that enterprises use has been continually changing. From iSCSI arrays that enabled broader uses for data to software-defined storage enabling new business models, we have seen many things impact the storage landscape.  Based on my discussions with venture capitalists, I can see that there are many more changes coming too.

Yet, one area of storage has been glacially slow to change – storage devices, the foundation of the data ecosystem. 

The hard drive has dominated the world of storage devices since 1956. As you can see from the illustration the hard drive has been the go-to for enterprise storage for almost 60 years. However, solid-state technologies are quickly replace spinning magnetic media and will usher in the all-solid data center in the next decade. What finally broke us free of the hard drive? Several things - NAND density passed hard drives for the first time this year, which drives down costs and power while increasing capacity. Simultaneously we are getting astounding performance from new technologies like Micron’s QuantX drives where a single drive can saturate a x8 Gen3 PCIe bus. Performance, density, and cost have aligned to make hard drives obsolete.

What does this mean? As shown in the illustration, the data center will soon be free of slow magnetic media led by a host of modern companies. New applications will be made possible by storage-class memory like QuantX for high performance and others improved by high-density NAND for data intensive uses. Finally, the highest density flash like QLC NAND will begin to replace more traditional archive storage media. 

Micron is clearly leading these changes with QuantX technology and rapid advances in NAND SSDs that have eliminated storage as the bottleneck in the data center.

The foundation of storage is moving rapidly to solid state and away from all magnetic media - in the 2020’s the standard for all new data center infrastructure will be solid state.

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Enterprise Data Storage Media Evolution Timeline

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