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State of the Micron Flash Union – Part 1: Building an ‘SSD Nation’.

State of the Micron Flash Union – Part 1: Building an ‘SSD Nation’.

Talking with customers over last 9 months has been exciting for me and for my colleagues here at Micron. The market evolution and the direction we see flash going is encouraging. Not only for Micron’s success, but for the storage market as a whole. We are still growing into what I am going to call the ‘SSD Nation’. In this post I want to examine the state of this nation as it currently stands today.

There have been several recent technology events that Micron participated in and the key takeaway that had everyone buzzing were nonvolatile memory solutions.  Flash Memory Summit afforded Micron an opportunity to reveal the architecture changes that have moved our former ‘small town feel’ of 2D NAND to the awesome urban jungle of the 3D NAND Skyscraper

3D enables Micron customers to move beyond duplexes and two story apartment sprawl of 2D technology, to the, density, affordability, and added benefits that 3D technology brings. What does this mean for Micron SSDs? It means that NAND is getting taller and denser allowing Micron is to add to the reliability and feature support of our drives - enabling customers to move more workloads to flash.

We were also able to showcase the future of storage. With the introduction of Micron QuantX™ we are introducing technology that will pave the way to the future of storage. I discuss the place and importance of Micron QuantX with Enterprise Strategy Group in the short video below. 

Scott Shadley discusses Micron QuantX with Enterprise Strategy Group.

In Part 2 of this blog, I will discuss where this new technology is allowing Micron and our customers to go next.

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