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Explore the new ROI: Return on Infrastructure

Explore the new ROI: Return on Infrastructure

TCO. ROI.  Data center managers are ultimately looking for new technology that can help them tackle the huge explosion of data and mange it more effectively.  

Approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. Sensor, social, transactional, GPS, medical data, and more—the data we create, store, and replicate is growing four times faster than the world’s economy. It’s also stressing our data centers. Particularly storage. Growing, continuous, complex data sets. Data management in increasingly agile environments. How does IT keep up with rising compute performance, data center scale out, and software-defined everything? 

The big picture is overwhelming.  Some of our customers are telling us they are attacking this problem by looking at how they can easily make changes that can have a big impact on the numbers that matter—the bottom line.

Storage industry analysts Rob Peglar and Greg Schulz suggest a new way of looking at the costs of investing in your data center in this short and lively video clip.  They offer a new spin on the old idea of ROI - only they define it as Return on Infrastructure.  It takes into consideration some new metrics including vastly lower power costs, reductions in software licensing fees, reduced maintenance costs and greater operating efficiencies.  That’s a metric worth delivering. Take a couple of minutes to learn more.  

We encourage you to take some time (minutes, I promise) watching our other videos on SAS SSDs.  Or you may elect to listen to the entire webinar video with Rob and Greg, available here

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