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State of the Micron Flash Union – Part 2: Designing for the Enterprise Data Center

State of the Micron Flash Union – Part 2: Designing for the Enterprise Data Center

In part 1 of this blog series we talked about the new ‘SSD Nation’, built on the SOLID foundation of flash storage. You can read it here.

Now that we have laid a firm foundation with a new, more SOLID, architecture plan for data storage, it is time to examine SSD platform types and how they meet customer workload needs. With data storage solutions (as with most things in life) we may focus on the buzz and hype of new technology. And while that is okay and certainly exciting, at the end of day the we still need to pay attention to improving solutions that are crucial to meeting the customer data storage needs of today.

So while NVMe and Micron’s 7100 and 9100 PCIe SSD solutions are gaining market traction and garnering lots of excitement, solutions like SAS and SATA are still the workhorses of the data center – strong, steady and reliable.

For instance, SATA 3.0 is a stable platform and has one of the largest install bases of all SSDs in the market. So it makes logical sense to keep improving upon this platform. To that end, Micron introduces the 5100 series SATA SSD - the latest in a long lineage of Enterprise SATA SSD solutions from Micron. This new drive looks at what SATA offers and improves upon it. The trick is to ensure the value tradeoffs are still there.

5100 Quality of Service

The Micron 5100 SSD is not a data sheet monster, it is not all about IOPS or throughput like its NVMe brother. In those metrics we simply excel at utilizing the bus as we are provided by SATA 6Gbps. For this latest SATA offering, Micron chose to focus on the SSD metrics that have value to the enterprise customers that rely on SATA in their data center. This means consistency of performance (over 95% in most cases) and Quality of Service (QoS), where 99.999% is class leading in mixed workloads, not just ‘100% corners’.

New to the Micron 5100 is FlexPro™ Architecture. This software technology allows customers to easily customize and tune the drive to meet specific workloads and requirements. It is just another step in Micron’s continued commitment to deliver technology that enterprise customers require to drive the future data center.

This blog post is just scratching the surface of all that the new 5100 SSD series will bring to market. I encourage you to learn more about the drive and see for yourself how it delivers on enterprise-level reliability and performance.

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