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Last-minute gift idea: A faster computer for less than $85!

Last-minute gift idea: A faster computer for less than $85!

Don’t just get someone an SSD – help them install it!

Looking for gift ideas for a friend or family member this Christmas? If you know someone close to you who’s slowed down by their computer or who frequently asks for your IT expertise, we have a suggestion. In the spirit of the season, consider giving a present with two parts: a 275GB Crucial® MX300 SSD and doing the install.

Give the gift of a “Wow!” moment

You know the performance benefits of an SSD, but many of your friends and family might not. Imagine the look on their face when they boot up for the first time and it’s nearly instant. Or the joy they’ll get when things that used to take forever take mere seconds. When you provide a solution that makes their computer faster and allows it to last longer, they’ll remember your gift for a long time.

Offer your expertise as a personal touch

Donating your time and skills by taking care of the installation is an act of service they’ll be thankful for. This is especially true for a person who’s unable to perform the installation or intimidated at the very thought of opening a computer for perhaps the first time. Your help can make their computer faster and save them the frustration of doing something they’re uncomfortable with. If you need a refresher on installing an SSD for laptops or desktops, we developed these handy YouTube videos to walk you through it.

How to install an SSD in your desktop

How to install an SSD in your laptop

Generously set aside time to do the install and make IT look good

So while the kids are playing with their toys or dinner is cooking, take the opportunity to help install a new SSD in a loved one’s computer. They’ll benefit immensely from swapping out their outdated hard drive for a new SSD, and you’ll make their day by installing it for them. They’ll also gain a newfound appreciation for the power of IT and all the work you do. Give the gift of faster storage – and expert service – this holiday season and relive the joy you felt the first time you installed an SSD. It’s priceless!

Give the gift of an SSD this Christmas! Learn more about Crucial – we’re the storage and memory experts and you can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @CrucialMemory.

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