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Building a Community of Innovators for 3D XPoint Memory

Building a Community of Innovators for 3D XPoint Memory


What a difference a year makes!  Since Micron and Intel jointly announced 3D XPoint™ memory to the market in July 2016, Micron has been fairly quiet on the technology, choosing to focus on its enablement both internally and with key ecosystem partners. We’re ready to give a sneak peek under the covers at what we’ll rollout over the next 12 months.

First of all, 3D XPoint™ technology represents the best nonvolatile memory soon to be shipping in the market. It has the ability to transform data analytics and bring data closer to the CPU – whether on a memory bus or on a storage bus. This will greatly impact cloud, data analytics, OLTP, IoT, and mobile applications.

To support our goal of enabling this technology in the highest echelons of storage and memory, we’re introducing our new line of 3D XPoint memory solutions: Micron QuantX™ technology! Leveraging the unique features of 3D XPoint memory, Micron QuantX technology will handle the most arduous system workloads. It delivers mesmerizing PCIe SSD performance - measuring typical read latencies at less than 10µs and a five 9 QoS at less than 25µs. That’s over 10X better than the best NAND flash-based SSDs! Micron QuantX solutions are expected to perform well for low queue depth workloads and will show noticeable improvement in traversing large graph trees. With Micron QuantX products and systems, you bring the workload and we’ll bring results!

To harvest the true benefits of 3D XPoint memory, Micron QuantX technology will require an ecosystem to bring it forward and drive adoption. This includes designing end products, enabling and building controllers, and selecting end-product go-to-market partners who can realize the value of what Micron QuantX solutions can bring to the industry. 

We see a bright path ahead for 3D XPoint memory. We are investing in future generations of the technology to increase bit output, reduce manufacturing cost, increase performance, and reduce energy. This will translate into even greater value-added Micron QuantX products and solutions. 

Micron is working with some of the best companies in the storage industry to enable this technology in their products. Over the course of the next six to nine months we’ll jointly announce these partners. You’ll soon see how excited and optimistic we are to bring the 3D XPoint memory, the first memory technology in over 30 years to market as QuantX products and solutions.


  • Gary Flagg on August 10, 2016

    Hello, I want to verify something Thomas had on a slide yesterday at FMS. He said that MU had 5% of the NAND market in 2015, and will double that to 10% in 2016. Was he referring to the total NAND market or the 3D NAND market. If I am sending this question to the wrong person could you please forward it to someone who can answer. Thanks, Gary Flagg, a shareholder of MU for 2 yrs now

  • Michael Abraham on August 11, 2016

    Hi Gary— Thanks for attending Darren Thomas' keynote at Flash Memory Summit yesterday. Darren was referring to the number of bits sold in the entire storage market. The 5% number he provided for 2015 refers to the total number of NAND bits shipped from all providers vs. 95% of the bits in the storage market still provided by hard disk drives. --Michael

  • Gary Flagg on August 11, 2016

    Michael, did MU release the power usage of the QuantX. Want to compare to Samsung's new product. Thanks, Gary

  • Michael Abraham on August 11, 2016

    Gary, it's still too early to publish power usage for QuantX™-based products. That said, the 3D XPoint™ memory consumes less energy per bit transferred than MLC and TLC NAND Flash. --Michael

  • Srinidhi srinidhi@isac.gov.in on October 15, 2016

    Micron and Intel 's breakthrough after 25 years in memory technology was a pleasant surprise last year .. we are interested in using the 3d xpoint die solution .. could you please throw some light on it..?

  • John Burleson on September 02, 2018

    It seems like this post is not being updated but I am very interested in incorporating QuantX memory in the products I am designing. How do I join the community or whatever I need to complete to get access to datasheets and IC descriptions? Thanks, John Burleson

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