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The Power to Change Lives With Memory

The Power to Change Lives With Memory

Meet Phrazer: a breakthrough medical device from GeaCom, Inc., that lets patients interact with their healthcare providers in their native language. Phrazer gets accurate patient information to the provider in real-time, without the need for a “live” human translator. Its goal is to provide equal care for all.

To bring Phrazer to life, GeaCom had to have the most innovative technology for their very specific needs — and they had to be able to deliver patient data securely, with speed and accuracy. For memory and storage technology, solutions and collaborative support from Micron made perfect sense.  

“From design, to collaboration, to real face time, Micron has been incredibly positive for the growth of Phrazer technology, for the confidence of our ability to meet market needs, and for the confidence that, as we go forward, we’ll always have a strong partner…” said Mat Johnson, CEO and founder of GeaCom. 


  • Bess Butler-Lauer on December 04, 2015

    This is a super cool technology.

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