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Micron VP Helps Students Prepare for Robotics Competition

Micron VP Helps Students Prepare for Robotics Competition

Micron Vice President of Memory System Development Dean Klein was recently featured in a KIVI/FOX 9 On Your Side news segment for mentoring Mountain View High School’s Bullbots FIRST Robotics Competition Team in preparation for a competition in April in Salt Lake City.

Klein, a passionate STEM education supporter himself, has volunteered his time to the Bullbots since 2008 when his son joined the team. Klein continued on with the team even after his son graduated high school because he felt FIRST Robotics is an excellent program for giving students practical, hands-on engineering experience.

Klein offers his expertise to the team while also regularly contributing his time to Micron Foundation’s K-12 educational programs.

You can watch the full news segment here.

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