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Micron Blog

Accelerating System Bandwidth with Serial Memory Solutions Using Hybrid Memory Cube Technology

For over 4 years, Micron and Altera have been collaborating on HMC technologies. This ongoing work led to the industry’s first demonstration of a working HMC controller, announced last September and demonstrated at the Supercomputing ’13 Conference in Denver. The working demonstration board consists of one Micron® HMC short reach (SR) device and four 28nm Altera Stratix V FPGAs, each of which has 40 GB/s of bandwidth for 160 GB/s of total bandwidth. This demonstration of Stratix V and HMC working together will enable customers to leverage their current development with Stratix V FPGAs to provide ultra-high system performance for a variety of applications that are in need of greater bandwidth, including the communications, military, broadcast, and compute markets.

Check out this video of Altera Product Marketing Manager, Manish Deo, and me to learn more about the demo.

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