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Understanding Onboard Flash Programming

On May 10, 2013, Electronic Design published an article I wrote about the nuances of onboard programming and specific techniques used to load firmware and data onto a flash device. Get a glimpse below and click over to Electronic Design for the full article.

Understanding Onboard Flash Programming

Firmware often is preprogrammed into flash memory devices prior to the printed-circuit board’s (PCB) manufacture to maintain high throughput and avoid slowing the manufacturing beat rate. Yet there are advantages to programming the flash memory after it has been soldered to the PCB. In-circuit test (ICT), the Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface, and external connectors all can be used to program flash devices without impacting manufacturing beat rates. Image size, existing manufacturing infrastructure, system capability, and required programming methods also should be considered in choosing an optimal preprogramming solution.

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  • jayden park on April 02, 2017

    Our customer use JS28F128J3F-75A device. Our customer needs Onboard Flash Programming. Please recommended related Tool & Measurenent...

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