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Micron Blog

Transforming the Ultrathin Experience, Part 1

How do SSDs help your ultrathin be even more ultra-mobile? Two ways: form factor and power savings.

In today’s era of portability, the days of lugging an 8 or 10lb laptop through the airport are over. SSDs come in slim, caseless, and lightweight form factors that take up less space, enabling even sleeker ultrathin designs. Our mSATA SSDs measure in at about one-third the size of a credit card, while our incredibly small M500 M.2 form factor is about the size of a stick of gum!

Speaking of batteries, SSDs also use significantly less power than hard drives, freeing you from being tethered to an outlet for frequent recharging.

Learn how Micron SSDs optimize ultrathins and watch our video, “Rock Solid—Solid State Drives for Ultrathins.”

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