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Micron Blog

NVDIMMs—The Best of Both Worlds

The NVDIMM is a new “hybrid” memory module that combines the speed of DRAM with the nonvolatility of NAND Flash. NVDIMMs enable the content in DRAM to be saved into the NAND Flash based on a signal from the system. This signal could indicate power failure or any other event when you’d want DRAM content to move into the NAND, such as system checkpoints, data logging, saving metadata, etc.

NVDIMMs provide performance, cost, and data-security advantages for enterprise-class server and storage applications. They’re a spot-on solution for environments that need persistent DRAM capability for frequent access to big data.

AT SC12, Micron demonstrated the first version of our NVDIMM, a 4GB RDIMM with 8GB of Flash.  We partnered with AgigA Techto supply the ultracap power source that backs up the DRAM in case of a power failure.

Check out our NVDIMM technology page to find out more about how NVDIMMs bridge the gap between DRAM and SSDs.

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