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Micron Blog

Server Performance Transformed

The I/O bottleneck is one of the biggest limitations of network performance in the enterprise industry today. To alleviate this bottleneck for their servers, Dell looked to Micron’s SSDs as a way to take advantage of the faster PCIe interface.  Our collaboration resulted in the Micron  P320h 2.5-inch PCIe SSD (or as Dell calls it, the PowerEdgeTM PCIe Express Flash SSD). 

This SSD is unique because it takes advantage of the fast PCIe interface while at the same time overcoming the fundamental limitations of serviceability. IT providers using typical PCIe SSDs have to power down their systems and physically take apart the server to upgrade the storage.  With the Micron  P320h 2.5-Inch PCIe SSD, the drive can be hot-plugged into the server, just like a SATA drive, without any server downtime.

This drive is an example of the groundbreaking results that are possible when two industry leaders on the front edge of innovation work together to develop solutions that meet real market needs.

Micron’s Ed Doller and Dell’s Brian Payne talk about this new enterprise technology and how the two companies’ collaboration is transforming server performance. View the video and visit our Enterprise PCIe SSD page for more information.

About Our Blogger

Doug Rollins Doug is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on enterprise solid state drives.
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