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Micron Blog

Next-Gen, High-End Networking

Today, Micron and Xilinx jointly announced our hardware demonstration of an FPGA interfacing to RLDRAM® 3 memory. For us, this announcement is exciting because it's a great example of what’s possible when industry leaders collaborate. More exciting and more important for our mutual customers is that this next-generation Virtex®-7 FPGA/RLDRAM 3 solution raises the bar for high-end networking performance by delivering 60% higher data rate and memory bandwidth than the previous platform (Virtex-6 FPGA/RLDRAM 2). Check out the video below, where Derek Curd (Xilinx) and I demonstrate the FPGA/RLDRAM 3 memory interface and go over some of the device details that make this such a standout platform for next-gen, high-end networking.

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