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Hitachi-LG Data Storage Uses Micron 25nm NAND in New Hybrid Drive

  • October 04, 2010

Micron today announced that our 25nm NAND is being used in a new all-in-one storage and media solution from Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS), called Hybrid Drive. The innovations Micron has made in NAND flash memory continue to spark new and compelling end-product designs from our customers – the Hybrid Drive being one of them. We wanted to learn a bit more about the Hybrid Drive, so we asked a few questions to HLDS’ Jack Lee, Senior Manager, and here’s what he had to say:

What exactly is a Hybrid Drive? How does this new product fit into the HLDS product line?
The Hybrid Drive is an Optical Disc Drive (ODD) with embedded NAND Flash memory, providing a combined storage configuration of an ODD+HDD+Flash Storage in the same platform architecture. It’s primarily targeted at the thin & light notebook PC applications. In standard notebook applications where there is still an HDD or SSD used for longer-term storage, the Hybrid Drive would be used for caching and launching applications, which provides an increase in system performance.

What are the performance advantages of the Hybrid Drive?
The Hybrid Drive provides approximately a 50 to 70 percent performance improvement for PC booting, multitasking and application loading times when compared to a standalone HDD. And within the same solution, we are offering high-quality DVD media management.

Why did you choose Micron’s 25nm NAND?
The high-performance, high-capacity and small form factor of Micron’s 25nm NAND played an important role in design of the Hybrid Drive.

Were there specific market demands or other drivers that necessitated this design approach?
The primary market driver was improving PC performance without disrupting current motherboard designs. With this in mind, we focused on creating a solution that provided an all-in-one storage and media/Blu-Ray solution in an ODD form factor.

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