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Micron Blog

RLDRAM 3 Memory; Building Tomorrow’s Network

Giga Om wrote an interesting article back in December on how much data America consumes. Based on UC San Diego’s research findings, it was reported that people in the U.S. accessed about 3.6 zettabytes of information in 2008 (that’s 3.6 billion trillion bytes). For some visual frame of reference, that’s about the same amount of information included in “thick paperback novels stacked seven feet high over the entire U.S.—including Alaska.” Staggering numbers, right? We’re gluttons for information—and the numbers only continue to grow year after year.

Of course, the UCSD study was counting all types of information consumption, not just what courses over our computer networks. But there’s no question that our consumption is shifting rapidly to traditional and cellular networks. We’re going to need significant advancements in network bandwidth and technology to keep pace with the impending explosion.

Micron’s newly announced third generation RLDRAM memory is a great example of this type of technology. RLDRAM 3 enables a faster, more efficient transfer of data over the network by doubling performance and cutting latency to sub 10 nanoseconds (that’s a fraction of DDR3’s latency). It may not be the sexy sort of technology that grabs lots of headlines, but it is an important key to helping networking OEMs meet tomorrow’s challenging infrastructure demands.

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