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Micron Blog

New DDR2 Designs to Support Next-Gen Tablet PCs

The tablet market is booming as evidenced by a slew of recent market reports. ABI Research forecasted that 11 million tablets will be sold by the end of 2010. And according to the Consumer Electronics Association, the number of tablet shipments in the U.S. is expected to double in 2011. Those are some pretty remarkable statistics given that tablets (in their current form, anyway) weren’t really available twelve months ago.

The tremendous growth in the tablet space can be attributed, in part, to the popularity of the tablet’s balance between portability and performance (as measured by the ability to browse the Internet and access rich multi-media content and applications). That balance hinges on a handful of key features—long battery life, compact size, and solid performance—that really depend on the components inside.

Today we announced a new 50nm 2Gb DDR2 component that helps enable these popular tablet design features and functionality. Its small form factor, high-density, and low power demands make it an ideal memory choice for this market. In fact, we’re already working with Intel to support their new Atom platform—codenamed Oak Trail—which was specifically designed for tablet and netbook PCs. This combination provides a strong solution for our joint OEM customers to design next-generation tablets to keep pace with growing market demand. And because we’re manufacturing on our advanced 50nm process, customers can be comfortable that we’re in a great position to support this component for years to come.

2Gb components save space, and use up to 22% less power than 1Gb

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