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Micron Blog

25nm NAND Scores Award for Most Innovative Process Technology

  • July 30, 2010

In the battle for process technology leadership, Micron and Intel's NAND Flash joint venture, IM Flash Technologies (IMFT), wins. Micron and Intel’s 25nm NAND was awarded Most Innovative Process Technology by UBM TechInsights, beating out Samsung's 48nm 1Gb DDR3 and Hynix' 32nm 2Gb MLC Flash, among other leading memory processes.

Here's an excerpt from TechInsight's press release announcing IMFT's receipt of this award (the full press release can be viewed here.)

"The technical and manufacturing prowess of IMFT has been proven once again by the introduction of their 25nm 8GB 2-bit/cell MLC Flash. While most pundits have speculated that NAND has hit the wall, IMFT has continued to be successful with their aggressive path of NAND scaling."

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