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Micron Blog

The C300 RealSSD™ Drive—Available Soon at Crucial.com

  • January 06, 2010

We created quite a buzz when we announced the C300 RealSSD drive last month—the world’s fastest client SSD. Following the announcement, many of you were eager to know: Where can I buy it? How soon will they be shipping?

Today, we have answers to those questions.

I’m happy to announce that Lexar Media will be carrying the C300 at www.crucial.com. Many of you already know Crucial as a reliable retailer of top-quality performance memory upgrades, so the RealSSD drive is a perfect addition to their high-caliber line of products. The details:

Where: www.crucial.com
Models: 2.5”, 128GB and 256GB
Availability: February

If you missed our benchmark videos, scroll through the blog history to see what all the buzz was about. Or just wait a few weeks for the first set of independent reviews—we’re confident that the C300 RealSSD drive will solidly establish itself as the SSD all others are compared to.

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