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Micron’s Fab Leadership Efficiency Expertise Yields $305,000 in Grants for Foodbank

Thousands of needy families will receive emergency food supplies faster and more efficiently next year thanks to the supply chain and manufacturing efficiency expertise donated by members of Micron's senior manufacturing leadership team from around the world. During their annual strategy summit in October 2009, the team took on a fun, team-building challenge at The Idaho Foodbank to find cost-effective ways to optimize the organization's warehouse operations to increase the volume of food distributed each year by more than 1 million pounds.

"It is good corporate citizenship when companies can write a check to support efforts to eliminate hunger, and we definitely appreciate those checks, but just look at what we were able to do with these Micron team members simply donating their time and expertise," said Idaho Foodbank President and CEO Karen Vauk. "We were able to utilize their experitise to leverage a grant opportunity to three times the initial amount."

Download the full story about how this team-building exercise resulted in funding from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to implement new cost-effective operational efficiencies at The Idaho Foodbank.

Photo: Idaho Foodbank President and CEO Karen Vauk talks with a Micron team member during a visit to the facility.

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