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Micron Blog

Setting A New Benchmark for Enterprise SSDs

Today we announced our RealSSD™ P300 drive for enterprise applications. Like the C300 before it, the P300 is an incredibly fast drive built to take advantage of the bandwidth available via the SATA 6 Gb/s interface. In fact, it outstrips the bandwidth of a typical SATA 3 Gb/s connection in both reads and writes.

But comparing against a drive designed for client applications doesn’t really make sense. After all, the P300 is built with our high-performance, high-endurance, ONFI 2.1 SLC NAND and was designed with features tailored for enterprise applications (ultra-high endurance, high write-cache-disabled performance, and industry leading steady-state performance, to name a few).

To give you a good idea of where this drive comes in against other enterprise SSDs, we enlisted the help of a third-party testing firm, Calypso Systems, an experienced testing company that’s working with standards bodies to define consistent testing and reporting methodology for all SSD manufacturers (something we’re eager to see happen). Not surprisingly, they used SNIA-compliant test specs when they ran the P300 alongside two competitors in their “RTP 2.0” test platform.

The charts below show how the P300 fared against two of the best SATA-based enterprise SSDs on the market: Intel’s® X25-E and the Samsung® SS805. When you see the results, we think you’ll agree that the P300 sets a new bar for SSD performance in enterprise systems.

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