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Micron Blog

Tripling NAND Performance in Mobile Systems

We’ve been getting great response from customers who’ve seen our NAND performance demonstration, so we wanted to share it with a wider audience. The test pits our single- and dual-plane SLC devices and NANDCode™ FTL software against Samsung’s OneNAND™ running on Microsoft’s FTL. The test system is a TI OMAP™ 3430 development platform running Windows Mobile® 6.5 OS. We changed out the onboard NAND with a simple PISMO card swap and then ran a 10MB system performance test. The results are impressive and undeniable. The key is our custom NANDCode FTL software, which enables advanced performance features like dual-plane programming. Watch the video below to see why some of our competitors’ customers have been willing to open their design cycles to take advantage of the big NAND performance gains offered by Multichip Packages. Visit NAND Flash and how you can use it to boost performance in your next mobile design.

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