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Standards, Questions, and the Big Dialogue: Talking is Good for the Whole Industry

I’m headed to Chicago today to attend the Storage Networking Industry Association’s Technical Symposium. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Gee, Chicago in May sounds lovely, count me in!” but really; as much as I like Chicago, I’m also really looking forward to this conference (and I don’t just say that because my SNIA colleagues might be reading this post). First up–who the heck is SNIA?  Usual blogger shortcut here–a quote from their website: “SNIA [advances] IT technologies, standards, and education programs for all IT professionals. Made up of some 400 member companies spanning the global storage market, the SNIA connects the IT industry with end-to-end storage and information management solutions. As a not-for-profit association, the SNIA enables our members to develop robust solutions for storing and managing the massive volumes of information generated by today’s businesses. … As a result, the SNIA has adopted the role of industry catalyst for the development of storage solution specifications and technologies, global standards, and storage education.” What I’m really looking forward to the most (in no particular order) is: •    Meeting with others in the industry in an informal, free-exchange atmosphere •    Working to bring some coherence to the messaging and marketing around solid state hard drives •    Peeking under the covers at the other SNIA technical working groups (Cloud and Green storage are a couple of the big topics for example) •    Helping to define and develop concise standards around SSD performance measurement Why are we interested in events like this?  Simple: establishing standards results in industry progress-- it enables customers and manufacturers to better engage and innovate around a technological concept, prototype, or even a finished product.  Because the fact is, measuring performance can be done through many different lenses--for example, a certain perspective can make a given device look better (to drive sales) or make another solution look worse (FUD to hamper adoption by competing technology).  So having the industry get together and agree on standards helps shore up the rules of engagement; like how one benchmarks and tests a device, what state the device is in when the tests are run, and so on.  They help ease some of the obfuscation one often encounters when comparing devices from different manufacturers, or in different usage models. Of course the SNIA isn’t the only standards group working on this for SSDs.  We are also deeply involved with these efforts at JEDEC as well.  We see these kinds of focused dialogues as win-win. Anyway, I’ll be in Chicago talking, listening, taking notes—don’t wait up. I’ll post a follow up once I’m back.

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Doug Rollins Doug is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on enterprise solid state drives.
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