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Micron Blog

Mobile Industry Innovation

Micron today introduced three separate technology innovations that reflect the company's status as a leader in the mobile memory sector. The new technologies include Micron’s 16 gigabyte All-in-One NAND MCP, LPDDR2 Memory and our NANDcode Software and Services. The mobile industry is experiencing a convergence across newly-charted middle ground with mobile devices that blur the lines between ultra-mobile PCs and highly functional, full-featured smart phones. Micron’s mobile technology announcements position Micron as a proactive source for solutions in an industry where handset manufacturers are required to constantly increase storage capacity and computing power –all while having to maintain a slim form factor design and consuming as little power as possible. Micron’s latest mobile announcements demonstrate Micron’s enhanced commitment to providing innovative technology and support to developers and manufacturers in the rapidly evolving mobile industry. 

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