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Micron Blog

SLC, MLC, & 3-bit MLC NAND—What’s the Difference?

In this 5-minute whiteboard video, strategic marketing director Kevin Kilbuck provides a brief description of the technical differences between SLC, MLC, and 3-bit MLC NAND. He also discusses how these products fit into a NAND process roadmap and why 3-bit MLC can be an effective complement an aggressive shrink roadmap (not a substitute for one).

You’ll learn:

  • How the cell bit count controls the relationship between die size and density
  • Why cell density affects performance and reliability
  • Why 3-bit MLC is only suited for specific applications
  • How 3-bit MLC can complement an aggressive shrink roadmap
  • Why NAND process windows are going to grow in the coming years

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      About Our Blogger

      Kevin Kilbuck

      Kevin is Micron Technology's Director of NAND Marketing.

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