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Micron Blog

Micron Recognized for its Environmental Stewardship

  • July 01, 2008

The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) presented it's Environmental Excellence Award this year to Micron Technology for its water recycling program. Annually, the project provides energy savings of 6.6 million kilowatt hours, saves water consumption by 11.9 million gallons and CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by 1,664 tons.

“Micron is committed to being at the forefront for environmental protection, and this recognition demonstrates our ongoing dedication,” said Micron Environmental Manager Beth Elroy. “The innovation and teamwork from Production to Facilities and the engineers and technicians who made this idea work show how the company’s commitment to the environment is personally carried forward by our team members. It’s rewarding to see the benefits from these efforts, both for the company and the community, and we thank IACI for this prestigious honor.”

Read the full press release here.  In March, Micron Technology's Virginia site received a Gold Medal Governor's Environmental Excellence award, its second consecutive award for an environmental management system incorporating best practices and innovative technologies.

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