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Micron Blog

We're Back from Holidays--And Feeling Flashy

Happy 2008, and we hope you enjoyed the holidays. We took a break from the Micron Bulletin for a couple weeks, but we're charging into the New Year and, well, pardon the pun, feeling flashier than ever.

Why just today the Wall Street Journal labeled NAND flash memory an "... important, if sometimes unheralded..." player in the technology scene in 2007 and heading into the new year in Lee Gomes' latest "Portals" column. Gomes explains that while the iPhone, Facebook and the Wii grabbed all the main headlines, its is mild-mannered flash memory that is helping bring new forms of multimedia content such as movies on mobile phones.

"Flash memory is making this possible," Gomes writes. "This is the sort of memory long found in digital cameras. It doesn't forget what it has stored when the power is off, unlike the RAM in computers... This means that the digital abundance that has long been common on the desktop will be available everywhere you go."

Look for more developments from Micron on the NAND flash innovation front as 2008 unfolds...

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