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Micron Blog

There's a Behind-the-Scenes Star at CES...

Of course, everyone has their eyes set on CES in Las Vegas this week, as the industry turns its attention to the annual consumer electronics show gathering. And CES always brings out a list of stars, some A, some B and some, well, time has wondered where they've been. This year's list of star attendees includes Chuck D from Public Enemy, Mad Mike from MTV's Pimp My Ride and even Lucy Lawless from Xena.

But there's another star quietly working behind the scenes of the latest consumer gadgets and devices being shown off at CES. That star's name is NAND. As in NAND flash memory, and the technology is doing its best impression of The Little Engine That Could as it humbly does its thing in so many of the devices being shown off at CES, including the latest advances in digital camcorders, digital music players, solid state drives and more. In fact, NAND-based SSDs have been all the rage at CES, with various companies announcing their products and plans for SSDs. The online outlet TG Daily even called SSDs "the new black" because of the buzz at the show. Of course, Micron uncorked its SSD product plans in November with its RealSSD family of products. With its expertise in NAND, Micron is set to bring this star to the center stage in its line of RealSSD solid state drives.      

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