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Enterprise-Class NAND: Coming to a Server Near You

Hey guys. The MAST folks asked me to get the blog up to speed on a very exciting announcement—our Enterprise NAND. In a nutshell, Enterprise NAND is a very high endurance SLC NAND device.  It has a write/erase cycle endurance of 1 million cycles. Seriously cool--that’s 10X standard NAND. So, what does it mean? Well, it means that NAND, in its various flavors, can play and perform in everything from thumb drives to performance SSDs and now, it also has a home in high endurance, high-transaction applications like data servers. And with the kinds of endorsements it’s getting from the likes of Sun Microsystems and Violin memory, I think we’re seeing NAND really come into its own. Anyway, check out the short video and the announcement for more info. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQAxNV3b6Ec

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Kevin is Micron Technology's Director of NAND Marketing.

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