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Micron Blog

Aptina Has Eyes for You – and On You

  • April 04, 2008

This week at the International Security Conference (ISC) West in Las Vegas, Aptina is busy touting its CMOS imaging security sensors. Last week the company announced a joint partnership with Texas Instruments to build a security IP network camera reference design, allowing security system designers to offer cameras with improved image quality and functionality at affordable prices.

And this week, the company announced a new high-dynamic range security sensor, which is important for capturing clear images and video in high-contrast lighting conditions. Often, security cameras are placed in uncompromising locations – such as ATMs, bank lobbies and parking facilities – that cast both dark shadows and bright sunlight, creating a difficult environment for clearly capturing an identified scene or target. Aptina’s new sensor featuring HDR allows a camera to capture crisp images and video by separating the bright background from the darker foreground through a controlled exposure method. 

According to Curtis Stith, Director of New Markets for Aptina, “The rapidly growing market for security and surveillance cameras is fueling the need for increasing levels of image quality and functionality at affordable prices.”

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