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Micron Blog

Uncorking the Industry’s First 2Gb DDR3

Micron today unveiled the industry’s first, ultra-dense 2Gb DDR3 that enables up to 8GB and 16GB modules for servers and up to 4GB modules for desktop and laptop PCs — ideal for optimizing today’s memory intensive operating systems.

According to the following Computerworld article, more memory is critical for maximizing the latest OS offerings. 2GBs of RAM is considered the “sweet spot” for new operating systems performance, while 4GBs brings the user up close and personal with what they deem as operational “nirvana."

“The graphic intensive features and functionalities designed into today’s new operating systems are requiring more and more memory to perform at optimal levels,” said Shane Rau, program director for computing, networking and storage semiconductors at IDC. “IDC forecasts that, by fourth quarter 2008, PCs will contain nearly 2.1GBs of DRAM, the average mobile PC over 1.8GBs and the average x86 server over 11.2GBs.”

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