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Micron Blog

Micron President Talks Memory at ISSM

  • October 25, 2007

Micron President Mark Durcan spoke at the International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing this month in Santa Clara, Calif., and naturally he talked about memory. But Durcan turned some heads when he told attendees that the memory industry needs to change the way it optimizes its business by focusing on both NAND flash and DRAM. In an interview following his keynote, Durcan told Semiconductor International "The successful memory manufacturer will be both in the NAND and DRAM business at least, and must be prepared by investing resources to innovate both in the technology and the product fronts."

The future for memory appears to be shifting from DRAM toward NAND, according to Durcan, who said in the interview that Micron is very excited about solid-state storage because of the significant growth that is taking place in this sector. "We’re also looking for a strong transition for more storage in the computing space," he said. "We find the application of NAND flash in network caching and enterprise storage of particular interest and importance to us."

To hear Durcan's interview, check out the Semiconductor International podcast at the same above link.

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