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Micron Blog

Micron Earns Most Innovative DDR3 Honor

  • October 18, 2007

Micron's DDR3 has earned top honors with CMP's Semiconductor Insights (SI). In an announcement from SI, the leader in technical and patent analyses of integrated circuits and electronic systems praised Micron for its 78nm 1Gb DDR3 technology, naming it the 2007 INSIGHT Award winner for Most Innovative DRAM. The INSIGHT Awards program is produced in conjunction with CMP's Semico and EETimes. In the announcement, SI relayed that Micron's 1Gb DDR3 technology using the company's renowned 6F2 cell implementation gives Micron "an impressive die size" that is 24 percent smaller than competitor products. Micron's John Schreck, vice president of DRAM development, commented that smaller is better in this case because the company's advanced DDR3 allows for increased speeds and lower power consumption, critical elements in the computing game. See what EETimes wrote about the award at EETimes Article: 1-Gbit DDR3 SDRAMs square off.

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