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Micron Blog

Lexar Targets Youth Market

Lexar Media, a Micron subsidiary, offers digital memory products that appeal to a number of audiences, from general consumers to businesses to PC gamers. Now it's adding one more: tech-savvy youth. Lexar recently joined forces with powerhouse Disney to create a line of Disney my*style wearable USB Flash and SD Card products, which showcase popular Disney TV and movie characters like the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL cast. It's a fun way to store and carry music, photos, homework, and more. In addition to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, other Disney my*style products feature characters from the hit TV show Hannah Montana and the film PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2. Products range from decorated USB flash drives, fashionable USB bracelets and "tricked-out" SD cards. Lexar-powered Disney memory products are available at Target stores nationwide (selection varies).

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