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Micron Blog

DDR2-1066 Gains Industry & Enthusiast Support

AMD announced this week their support of Micron’s DDR2-1066 memory technology with their new AMD Phenom™ quad-core processors, allowing for greater system throughput and lower latency so users can get a better PC experience. Micron first announced its DDR2-1066 in May 2007, receiving applause from the computing enthusiast community. Currently the industry’s fastest non-overclocked DDR2 speed available, Micron’s DDR2-1066 memory components offer an impressive 33 percent clock speed improvement over DDR2-800 components.

According to Bob Brewer, corporate vice president of AMD marketing and strategy, “Micron’s leading edge memory technology, combined with our AMD Phenom™ quad-core processors, can provide a heightened interactive user experience by enabling unprecedented system performance. The graphic intensive features and multitasking functionality that users demand are requiring more and more memory to perform at optimal levels and AMD’s ongoing technology partnership with Micron is a crucial step toward empowering breakthrough computing experiences for our shared customers.”

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