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Bill Filipiak on Virtual Timing and Signal Analysis

By Rebecca Lewington - 2021-03-11

Timing and signal analysis — the art of making sure memory soldered to a printed circuit board is functioning correctly and reliably — is hard. You need a lab full of instruments, you need to be good with a soldering iron and you need lots of time.

Or do you?

Enter Bill Filipiak, distinguished member of technical staff in Micron’s customer engineering lab organization. He’s rolling out a new tool — no oscilloscope required — that lets customers test and qualify memory chips in their designs faster and better than ever before. Better and faster — they’re always a good excuse for a conversation, don’t you think?

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Rebecca Lewington

Rebecca Lewington

Technology Evangelist, Global Corporate Marketing and Corporate Communications
Rebecca is responsible for telling Micron’s technology story to show how fractally innovative our people are and how we’re enabling the world to harness data to accelerate exploration and discovery. Based in California, she holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of London and has been granted 15 patents in the field of semiconductor plasma etch manufacturing systems.