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Steve Moyer Talks About Microns Open Source Heterogeneous Memory Storage Engine Project

By Rebecca Lewington - 2020-05-20

Micron recently announced a new open-source project, the heterogeneous-memory storage engine, or HSE. HSE was designed to maximize the capabilities of new storage technologies to boost performance and drive endurance. I wanted to learn more about the people behind the technology, so I sat down with Steve Moyer, who was the primary visionary for HSE and continues to lead the development team.


I asked Moyer some piercing questions about his background and the genesis of this project. (Spoiler alert: he’s more than qualified!) We also talked about the importance of open-source technology, Linux integration, and our collaboration with Red Hat, a leading company in the enterprise open-source world.

I found it fascinating, and I think you will too.

You can learn more about HSE and find a link to the GitHub code repository at

Rebecca Lewington

Rebecca Lewington

Technology Evangelist, Global Corporate Marketing and Corporate Communications
Rebecca is responsible for telling Micron’s technology story to show how fractally innovative our people are and how we’re enabling the world to harness data to accelerate exploration and discovery. Based in California, she holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of London and has been granted 15 patents in the field of semiconductor plasma etch manufacturing systems.