Micron Expands Client SSD Portfolio with NVMe™ Performance and QLC Value

By Kishore Rao - 2020-05-12

Over my years leading technology teams in developing and bringing innovative products to market, one of the most rewarding aspects has been working closely with customers and platform design leaders. In getting to know them, I’ve learned that they clearly understand their challenges and often know how to solve them. It’s in those rare moments when they don’t have a solution that I get excited to help them.

They face a broad range of challenges: In the world of client computing, they want to keep platforms small, thin and light, managing heat dissipation while providing the performance that users demand. They support broad use cases for storage subsystems, including copying massive data sets while maintaining performance in platforms with approachable price points. And they want to support their “on the go” uses through standards-based security and the latest power management features.

I’ve learned how to mesh Micron’s strong focus on innovating and delivering leading-edge, solid-state drives with our customers’ objectives of enabling all-day compute, making SSD benefits available to more end users, and enabling our ever-growing need to “work and learn from anywhere.”

For more than 20 years, Micron has developed a well-deserved reputation for innovation and quality. We work with the world’s largest technology providers and their engineering teams, collaborating and innovating with them to build what’s next. Our goal — and one of my personal goals — is to bring this value to our customers.

Our newest SSD portfolio is a prime example. We’ve combined our innovative 96-layer TLC and QLC NAND technology with NVMe™ performance. We’ve built an automatic, Dynamic Write Acceleration architecture to improve QLC performance. We’ve increased capacities up to 2TB – all in small, power-saving 22x80 M.2 form factors. These new SSDs with NVMe free laptops and desktops from legacy architectures that can rob battery life, performance and productivity.

Today we introduce two new SSDs that range from the 2300 SSD for mainstream client devices to the value-focused 2210 SSD that will hasten the end of hard disk drives (HDDs) in client computing. When you put it all together, you should see a broad-based portfolio delivering tremendous flexibility in form factor, performance and low power. Because of these capabilities, numerous OEMs will put our SSDs through their most stringent testing qualifications and launch them into hundreds of client devices that will use our new SSDs. They are excited about these new SSDs and so are we.

Micron 2300 SSD with NVMe

With the Micron 2300, we’ve combined the power and density to drive compute-intensive applications with a compact form factor. Our high-density 96-layer 3D TLC NAND provides up to 2TB capacity. Its small, dense M.2 form factor (22 x 80 mm) fits a broad set of desktop and mobile design needs. Adding our standards-based security features makes the 2300 a standout.

Isometric image of the Micron 2300 SSD with NVMe

Micron 2210 QLC SSD with NVMe

For the first time in Micron client storage devices, we bring together economical QLC NAND and NVMe to bridge the performance gap between the low cost of HDDs and the performance, reliability, low power and security of SSDs.

The Micron 2210 uses our high-density, cost-efficient, quad-level-cell (QLC) NAND that Micron first brought to the enterprise data center to improve the price-to-performance ratio for client storage. Its built-in Micron Dynamic Write Acceleration delivers strong write performance for a vast majority of user workloads in an economical QLC SSD.

Isometric image of the Micron 2210 SSD with NVMe

Dynamic Write Acceleration: Enhanced Write Performance With QLC

Micron Dynamic Write Acceleration builds enhanced performance that is totally automatic. It configures native QLC NAND in two modes:

  • SLC mode for better performance when you need to save a lot of data quickly
  • QLC mode for massive capacity as more space is needed
Image showing QLC NAND in QLC mode and SLC mode

Micron’s expertise in QLC NAND and client workloads enables SSD performance and HDD economics, balancing how the NAND operates to match changing demands from users.

Business as Usual (for Micron)?

Micron introduced our first SSD in 2007. Since then, we have been delivering storage solutions by working closely with customers and platform design leaders to align our technological expertise with their vision. As one of the largest and most innovative flash storage manufacturers in the world our unique expertise in software, controller and 3D NAND technology enables us to deliver end-to-end flexibility and value. We focus on what our customers need and how our leading-edge SSDs help their platform innovation. (Working with leading platform designers is second nature to us.)

Come learn more about our newest client SSD technology:

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Kishore Rao

Kishore Rao is passionate about bringing innovative technology solutions to market and has over 20 years of experience in the storage and memory domain. He has led product management, technical and vertical marketing organizations delivering solutions in areas of memory/storage, embedded controllers and security/authentication. He sees exciting opportunity to deliver storage solutions that solve users’ and platform problems.