The Opportunity for Renewable Energy in Taiwan

By KC Hsu - 2020-01-06

Today’s astounding rate of innovation is driven by memory solutions that speed the storage and processing of information. As Micron continues to deliver products that push technological capabilities forward, we are also fast-tracking progress within our own business. We are moving swiftly to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and finding more ways to accelerate sustainability and enrich life.

Over time, we have significantly enhanced our environmental initiatives through integration with facility design, construction and ongoing operations. For example, we set energy reduction goals in 2017 and have steadily improved our greenhouse gas management and reporting every year since then.

The energy that powers our cleanrooms and equipment presents some of the greatest opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment and support a more sustainable future. We can go about these goals in two key ways. One way is through efficiency, increasing our production volume per unit of energy. The other way is through the type of energy that we procure, where possible using sources that have lower greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutants and other environmental effects. We are actively pursuing efforts in both of these areas, adopting ways to manufacture our products using less energy and exploring our energy procurement options.

We have made significant strides in efficiency. For example, we earned LEED Gold status at our Micron Taiwan Backend facility in 2018, reducing energy costs by 19% in the process. And we have taken steps to improve the energy source that we use, including installing solar panels at our facilities in Taiwan and elsewhere.

But on-site solar will meet only a small percentage of our total need. The vast majority of the energy that we use must come from sources on the local utility grid, which depends primarily on utility company decisions and government policies. We are in favor of new sources of cost-competitive, renewable energy that encourage a cleaner, more reliable grid – because it’s aligned with our goals to manufacture our products in the cleanest way possible, because it can contribute to safeguarding Taiwan’s environment for years to come, and because it’s the right thing for us to support as a responsible corporate citizen committed to taking global action on climate change.

According to the Taiwan Bureau of Energy, Taiwan today relies on imports for almost 98% of its energy, most of which comes from fossil fuels. These sources contribute to global climate change, while leaving the island’s energy supply vulnerable to external disruption. Meanwhile, renewable energy accounts for only around 5% of Taiwan’s electricity generation, yet there are significant opportunities for offshore wind and a variety of developments to foster a cleaner, more reliable grid mix.

Together with our partners and communities in Taiwan, we are actively engaging with the Taiwan government to drive renewable energy efforts and look forward to making additional progress on these issues. It’s the right thing to do, for our customers, team members, shareholders and the communities we’re a part of.


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KC Hsu

KC Hsu

CVP, Taiwan Country Manager