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Entrenched: Micron’s Flash Memory and Storage at OCP Global Summit 2019

By Travis Teddy - 2019-03-12

Gathering with the infrastructure visionaries behind the Open Compute Project is always inspiring. I’m glad to be back for OCP Summit 2019. There will be many great conversations, but I always find myself focusing on what’s happening next for cloud computing. Micron is cloud connected, where our flexible, low-power memory and fast, vast storage technology is entrenched. We deliver persistent memory and infrastructure innovation to many hyperscale and next-tier cloud services leaders; Micron can help you stay in-synch with your own cloud plans.

Performance and total cost of ownership can go together. Looking to “cloudify” your private, on-prem workloads or bring increased performance and productivity to your own next-tier cloud services offerings? Select the same configurations and reference architectures as those deployed by public cloud solution providers to get consistent performance on your on-prem. The right flash solutions matter. Talk to us about how you can set up an all-flash cloud infrastructure for about the same TCO as traditional hard disk drives (HDDs).

Micron targets our storage and memory by workloads and applications, the approach to cloud management that typically results in high efficiency and performance. By tuning IT performance to specific workloads, you can dynamically balance the economy of flash media. Also, let’s talk about how to accelerate adoption and ease the transfer of cloud solutions and cloud-native applications with kernel stacks, O/S engagements and software. Set up your technology easier with Micron Accelerated Solutions and reference architectures.

Microsoft, Micron and OCP – As Microsoft® moves into its next generation of enterprise data center solutions, the focus of the OCP, leveraging the old hardware technologies of yesterday can’t provide the experience and ROI that businesses expect and rely on. Think of buying a sparkling new car. Would you take parts off your current vehicle to bolt onto the new one? That would ruin the whole experience of a new car investment! Microsoft’s new solutions push past the impulse to retrofit yesterday’s technology and instead optimize your data center and provide a better experience to the end user. For example, on-premises cloud-based infrastructures using Microsoft Hyper-V with Storage Spaces Direct integrate more easily with off-premises cloud services such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. We’re there with you! Micron has built optimized reference architectures for these Microsoft HCI infrastructures. That’s just one way our storage and memory enable tomorrow’s performance. So, don’t run the new motor on an old set of tires, give it a smooth and safer ride!

Visit OCP Summit Booth #C1

Accelerate cloud adoption and cloud-native applications, such as SaaS and PaaS, with fast, scalable and cost-efficient memory and storage solutions. We hope to see you at the 2019 Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit! Come visit us in Micron Booth #C1 to chat with Micron team members, learn ways to accelerate your cloud workloads, experience new demos, and win great prizes!

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Travis Teddy

Travis Teddy is Principal Cloud Solutions Architect for Micron Technology.