13th Micron Customer Lab Opens

By Barbara Kolbl - 2018-09-05

Customer Lab

With I/O signaling at rates as high as 14 Gbps based on single-ended signaling technologies at bus widths of up to 256 bits, next generation Level 5 autonomous driving and IVE platforms are pushing system-level memory bandwidths that are skyrocketing to more than 1 TB/s. Successful design at these performance levels is incredibly challenging. Close collaboration between system providers and memory suppliers has now moved from being a nicety to a necessity and is why Micron recently opened a customer lab in Detroit, MI. Now with a total of 13 labs located at key locations across the world, Micron’s customer labs provide customers and ecosystem partners access to world class system engineering expertise backed up by a host of state-of-the art test equipment to reduce the risk of next generation platforms during all phases of the product lifecycle from design through deployment. This support, which includes design support services, platform validation services, qualification services, and failure analysis, ensures that the fastest time to market can be achieved with the minimum risk.

“Our Detroit lab is a natural location to provide the essential support for the industry’s latest generation of innovative autonomous & IVE platforms currently in development,’ commented Reinhard Weigl, senior Director of Automotive Marketing, Micron. ‘As the automotive memory market leader with over 28 years commitment and more than 40% market share, our system labs have already played a key role in helping customers successfully bring their products to market and will play an even greater role in addressing the challenges associated with next generation of innovations coming from Detroit.”

The hands on support that Micron enables customers to successfully integrate memory into their automotive platform. Micron Labs around the globe are jointly supported by Micron corporate and business units inside Micron. They are strategically located in close proximity to key design centers and customers. The labs provide access to industry expertise that work closely with the custmoer in a cross functional collaborative fashion and in a safe and confidential environment. This collaboration enables customers to get their systems up and running quickly and successfully.

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Barbara Kolbl

Barbara Kolbl, senior product line operations manager, is fascinated with the changes memory is driving in the automotive industry. Her previous role in marketing communication for the automotive market segment along with her current role in LPDRAM operations allows her a front row seat to the changes happening in this dynamic market.