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Inside Our Factories: Documenting Micron in Singapore’s Manufacturing History

By Sangeeta Rajgopal - 2018-10-26

Micron is proud to have been featured in a documentary commissioned by Channel NewsAsia, a Singapore-based television news channel and agency with a reach across territories in the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Titled “Inside Our Factories”, the documentary traces the development of the manufacturing sector in Singapore since the country’s independence. The documentary features six factories, from a basic local facility manufacturing wooden pallets to Micron’s high-tech fabrication facility producing high-end memory chips. Each of these facilities has played a part in shaping Singapore’s manufacturing landscape.

Micron’s inclusion in the documentary represents the impressive advancement and high level of sophistication achieved in the manufacturing industry in Singapore.

“We wanted to feature a factory that would not only represent Singapore’s semiconductor industry, but also showcase the technological advancement in our electronic manufacturing sector. Micron certainly ticked off all the boxes,” said documentary director Douglas Lan.

Beyond the machines and processes synonymous with factory operations, the documentary also sought to portray the passion and talent of those working in the manufacturing sector. The filming of the documentary in Micron’s Fab 10 saw strong collaboration among Micron team members, and the enthusiasm of those featured on-camera and involved behind-the-scenes was palpable.

A Factory of the 21st Century

Micron’s Vice President and Singapore Country Manager, Chen Kok Sing, and a young process and equipment engineer, Jessie Hoong, were selected for the documentary, to showcase our talent at both ends of the organization’s hierarchy.

Kok Sing shared his perspective on Micron as an industry veteran who has seen the significant developments of the Singapore semiconductor industry as well as Micron’s robust history here. Viewers were also given further insight into his favorite place in the facility, the Remote Operations Center, where processes in the fabrication facility are controlled remotely.

“I am honored to be an ambassador for Micron. I hope that viewers will see Micron as being at the forefront of advanced technology, having a diverse and inclusive workforce, and that there are opportunities for an exciting STEM career in Micron as well as semiconductor manufacturing in Singapore,” he said.

For Jessie, who has joined Micron for two years since graduating, engineering has always been a passion since young. She recounts her amazement at the efficient and seamless automation of Micron’s fabrication facility and offers an insider’s view on the specialized processes she manages as part of her daily work.

She said, “Manufacturing doesn’t mean factory lines anymore; gone are the days when things were manual. We’re really at the forefront of an important and exciting future. I’m proud to be part of this story.”

View the documentary here:


Factory 1 Factory 2 

The documentary filming took place at Micron Singapore’s Fab 10 facility.

Factory 3 

Micron’s Vice President and Singapore Country Manager, Chen Kok Sing (right), and recently hired process and equipment engineer, Jessie Hoong, sharing a scene during the filming.

Sangeeta Rajgopal